Astrology, History And Man Astrology has played a role in history throughout the ages as man has accepted its theories and over time, discarding it at times and re-inventing it with passion and attraction other times. Astrology is thought of by many as a reflection of Man's existence in the universe. The general concept behind astrology is that all living beings or organisms are governed by forces and regular occurring patterns of recognizable energy. Nature's law relates the macro to the micro in that every living organism from the simplest form of life embodies a higher more complex form where the micro form is but only a reflection of the macro whole. Man's recorded history relieves startling evidence that astrology has been a voice that serves and acts within everyone. History has mapped man's journey throughout the many changes from the most basic and instinctive forms of life through to the progress, development and advancement of our senses, the structure of the brain and the connection of higher consciousness via our minds. Man's evolution and destiny depends on each unfolding in its proper place. The seven major energy centers of vital importance within the physiology of the human body are referred to as chakras and they are aligned from the seventh center at the tip of the head all the way to the base of the spinal chord where the first center is located. The other five chakras that follow include the third eye [], the throat, the heart center, solar plexus and the reproductive organs. There exists a system that few outside the astrological and metaphysical world that understand the relationship and interconnectedness of these seven centers with the seven endocrine glands of the human body, the seven planets of the solar system and human behavior. It is through this understanding of the inner workings of these systematical interrelationships that is most basic to the alignment between how planet movements, cycles and human nature that allows us to better understand why astrology is such an art form. As the greater macro organism the solar system expresses itself through the seven major planets (not nine) and lives within the creation of yet a greater whole in the image of it's creator in which it reflects. So once we understand that our solar system is still part of wider system, part of this grander cosmic plan which consists of seven solar systems with the sun as its center as the heart is to the body. The life of the Cosmic Being governs the seven stars of the constellation of the Great Bear which in turn are the lifeline of the seven rays of the life force that reflect and flow through the whole solar system via the seven planets. This philosophy is the basis the entire science of astrology [] is built upon. Each one of the seven rays expresses a related virtue of the force, the source, God which is a reflection through the heart representing the sun, the ray of love and wisdom. When the beat of the sun pulsates with energy of love and wisdom it expresses the quality of its existence, its consciousness. Ones level of consciousness rules ones destiny within a greater plan and wisdom of the universe as a whole.

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